Barbershop + Men's Hair Care

Clippers/Fade Workshop

Master the fade – the haircut that never goes out of style. Focused on working with clippers, this class breaks down everything from clipper technique to style theory. We'll teach you how to improve the speed of your cuts while still maintaining an exceptional level of quality. 

Style theory
Clipper technique
Guard selection
Speedy, high quality fades
How to avoid and overcome common mistakes

What to bring:

A model, all of your barbering equipment
(If you are unable to bring anything let us know and it will be provided for you)

Available for purchase
Clippers, peanuts, straight razors

When and where
Feb. 13, 1, 20
Mar. 13, 15, 27, 27
Apr. 17, 19, 24
JD’s Gastown
235 Abbott St.

Contact to book your date.