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Advanced Barber Training

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New Year, New Classes

2018 begins with the promise of many things: new gluten-free diets, treason charges against Mr. Trump, and fresh opportunities to grow our personal and professional lives. But gluten-free means no beer, so we can’t condone that. And we can’t really help Mueller nab Trump (although we would). What we can do—and will do—is help with that last one. JD’s is bringing a new series of advanced barber classes to the Gastown shop.

We will be offering three advanced workshops: clippers, scissors, and facial hair. Developed by founder Judah Down, and barbers Graham Carr and Weldon Hogue, these classes are offered to those with some experience barbering but wish to hone their craft and thrive in this competitive industry.

Each class is structured around hands-on experience and learning. As part of their education, each participant will perform a supervised haircut on a model of their choice, be invited to a free refresher course, and receive bonus information on barbering in the age of social media—how to leverage Instagram and photography to improve your cuts and market your skills.



Barbers wield many tools as part of the trade, but clippers are king. This class will guide you towards fast fades, while preserving the quality of your cuts. We’ll address common mistakes, how to avoid them and how to overcome them. Included in this class is a breakdown of style theory—identifying and understanding the different hair types, blow-drying, and finishing a cut with precision.


If clippers are king, scissors are queen. Advanced scissor-work includes a breakdown of the whole cut, including client consultation and evaluating hair / face types to determine the best style for your client. From there, we explore cutting different hair types, how to understand lines, why working smart is better than working hard, and foolproof cross-checking.

Facial Hair

Transform bushy beards and finicky moustaches into works of groomed art. This class, focused on facial hair, teaches everything from trimming and linework to the hot-towel shave. Master tricks for towel wrapping, debate the values of shaving oil versus cream, and learn proper sanitation and blade disposal techniques.



January · 16, 18, 23

February · 13, 1, 20

March · 13, 15, 20

April · 17, 19, 24

May · 15, 17, 22

June · 12, 14, 19

September · 11, 13, 18

October · 16, 18, 23

November · 13, 15, 20

Booking a Spot

Classes are priced at $500.00. Contact to reserve your spot.

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