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JD's Dopp Kits

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We believe every tool has its place. A carpenter’s hammer, a barber’s clippers, a dentist’s little pointy-stabby-thing. They are always cared for, always neatly arranged. This is why JD’s introduced a line of dopp kits, because the products you use to look fresh are tools. And they should be just as well-kept.


What is a dopp kit?

If you’re not familiar with the name ‘dopp kit’, it’s because you probably know them as toiletry bags. But these aren’t those clear plastic bags that you pack with toothpaste, a comb, some shampoo, and a condom before a work trip. The JD’s dopp kits are a callback to the original concept—a crisp design introduced by Charles Doppelt in the 1910s. These bags were so well-made that the American army provisioned troops with them for both World Wars. The bags soared in popularity when the soldiers returned home; they had been tried and proven.

Home grown

All of JD’s dopp kits are made in collaboration with Red Flag Design. The Vancouver company is known for their durable products and clean designs. Working out of a shop close to the Gastown location, they were our first and only choice to manufacture the bags. Available in a fashionable black or a canvas green that honours their history, the kits are perfect for travelling or keeping cabinets tidy.


Great gifts for men

As part of JD’s holiday promos, we are offering the bags filled with selected products, from pomades to gift cards. Pick one up for yourself and keep your tools tidy, or as a gift for a well-groomed loved one.

Stuff a stocking.

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