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The Shoot

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If you strolled down Blood Alley or Gaoler’s Mews recently, you might have spotted three models with fresh cuts and killer outfits. We know every self-proclaimed style blogger has posed in that alley at some point, but this shoot was a little different. This was a Gastown original—2017 men’s style trends straight from JD himself.


2017 Men's Hairstyle Trends

Vancouver Magazine asked JD to share some thoughts on the year’s trends in hair, and we seized the opportunity to put together a small editorial piece. Our models—Mattie, James, and Jesse—rocked three predicted looks. Mattie with the clean, classic appeal of a low fade, simply styled with our matte pomade. James demonstrated a tidy beard. Jesse was playing the long game, growing his hair out under the careful eye and scissors of the barbershop.


2017 Men's Hairstyle Trends

From denim-on-denim, to gentleman’s attire direct out of the Vancouver Club, the shoot shows the versatility of these cuts. Easy to dress up or down, they’re just as appropriate on the street, in the office, or on a movie set.

Blood Alley, besides its nook of users and unpleasant smell, is the perfect location for a shoot. It’s Gastown in miniature, full of textured backdrops, designer shops and tasty places to eat. It doesn’t hurt that it’s steps away from our Abbott street shop, either. There was also a conveniently placed, classic Plymouth Colt that Mattie refused to do a Lil Kim pose in front of ... unfortunately. 


2017 Men's Hairstyle Trends




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